Press Releases

  • Wider KERDI Membrane Provides Faster Shower Waterproofing

    Tile installers, like any professional contractors, want to do their jobs faster without compromising their quality standards or driving up their material costs. To help installers achieve this goal, Schluter Systems is providing its Kerdi waterproof membrane in a roll twice as wide as the previous roll.

  • More Shower Trays, Even More Possibilities

    To help create unique spaces more easily, Schluter-Systems is now introducing 16 new prefabricated, sloped trays for showers with the KERDI-DRAIN point drain and KERDI-LINE linear drain.

  • Kit Provides Everything to Waterproof Tub and Shower Walls

    Kerdi-Board Kit Simplifies Shopping and Installation for Tile Projects.Tiled shower walls are luxurious, hygienic, and easy to maintain.

  • Elegant, Fine Profile Specifically for Glass Mosaics

    Schluter®-FINEC is a finishing and edge protection profile for the external edges of delicate tile coverings and glass mosaics.

  • New Wi-Fi Thermostat for DITRA-HEAT System

    Schluter®-Systems is adding smart home technology to its award winning DITRA-HEAT electric floor warming system with a new Wi-Fi thermostat.

  • Sleek New Shower Grates Enhance Bathroom Design

    A series of new shower drain grates from Schluter-Systems features brand new designs that fit into a virtually invisible frame, resulting in a stylish and truly seamless look for shower floors...

  • Schluter®-Systems Announces Senior Vice President of Sales

    Marco Ludwig, president and CEO of Schluter-Systems North America, has announced the retirement of Larry Horton, after a 34-year career in the tile industry. Dee DeGooyer has...

  • Schluter®-Systems Wins Four Awards for Most Preferred Products

    Schluter®-Systems recently received four product awards from the 2017 Tile & Stone Installation Contractor CLEAReport: Most Preferred Brand of Waterproofing Membranes...

  • Tub Surround Upgrades Made Easier

    Installing tile in a tub surround can quickly transform an otherwise ordinary bathroom into a luxurious retreat. It is a simple upgrade that will pay dividends for the homeowner.

  • Schluter Drain Grates Now Available in Chrome Finish

    Chrome is a very durable, attractive, and low maintenance finish that is often used for fixtures and other components in bathrooms and shower areas.

  • Popular Cove Profile Available in New Colors

    Schluter-Systems’ anodized aluminum cove-shaped profiles, the DILEX-AHK and DILEX-AHKA, are now available in seven additional colors – Schluter’s TRENDLINE color series.

  • Schluter Profiles in Classic Colors

    The classic looks of both black and white never seem to go out of style. To support these common design choices, Schluter®-Systems now provides black and white finish options for their most popular profiles.

  • Floor Warming System Provides Sound Control and Thermal Break

    DITRA-HEAT-DUO, formerly DITRA-HEAT-TB, reduces sound transmission, in addition to warming the floor and still supporting the covering to ensure a lasting installation.

  • Schluter-Systems Introduces Three Thin-Set Mortars

    Schluter-Systems has developed three new thin-set mortars for ceramic and stone tile installation. The products are Schluter SET™ unmodified thin-set mortar, Schluter ALL-SET™ modified thin-set mortar, and Schluter FAST-SET™ rapid-setting modified thin-set mortar. These products have been specifically formulated for Schluter® membranes and boards.

  • Milestone Anniversary - 50 Years of Schluter

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of Schluter-Systems, a company that has led important innovations and new product developments for tile installations globally.

  • A New Type of Baseboard for Tiled Floors

    Baseboards are one of the finishing touches that help to complete any space. Choosing a baseboard that is attractive, durable and easy to install is particularly important in commercial settings.

  • New Waterproof Shower Components

    Tile showers must be thoroughly waterproofed to provide reliable performance. But properly waterproofing a shower area takes time and for professional tile installers, time is money.

  • Schluter Brings Tile Setting to Skills Canada

    Schluter®-Systems will be continuing its mandate to educate Canada’s future tile setters at the Skills Canada National Competition in Moncton, NB on June 6 and 7.

  • Sponsoring BK Racing’s David Ragan

    Schluter®-Systems has announced that it will be the primary sponsor of David Ragan’s No. 23 Toyota Camry at Talladega Superspeedway. The race takes place this Sunday.

  • Profile Colours Match Today's Tile Trends

    Schluter-Systems’ new series of TRENDLINE profiles features a whole new line of colours to go with the latest trends in tile. Today’s tile plays off the look of wood and concrete and comes in a myriad of greige and metallic colours. The TRENDLINE series of profiles provides the perfect match.

  • Warm Tiled Floors Up to 70% Faster over Concrete Substrates

    Systems installed over concrete can be slow to respond because of the mass of typically cool concrete immediately below the heating cables. Schluter-DITRA-HEAT-TB is the first electric floor warming system with an integrated thermal break to overcome this challenge.

  • Schluter®-Systems Wins Three Awards for Most Preferred Products

    Schluter®-Systems recently received three product awards from the 2015 Tile & Stone Installation Contractor CLEARReport: Most Preferred Brand of Waterproofing, Most Preferred Brand of Crack Isolation Products, and Most Preferred Brand of Electric Radiant Heat.

  • New Touchscreen Thermostat

    Schluter®-Systems now offers a brand new touchscreen thermostat for its award-winning DITRA-HEAT electric floor warming system as well as a new non-programmable thermostat and a power module.

  • New Schluter Website

    Schluter®-Systems has launched a completely new website that simplifies navigation and provides several interactive tools that make it much easier to design and specify tile projects.

  • 17 New Cable Length Options for DITRA-HEAT

    There are now double the number of cable lengths available for the Schluter-Systems DITRA-HEAT floor warming system. The DITRA-HEAT system is unique because the heating cables are easily snapped into place on top of the uncoupling mat with no clips or fasteners.

  • New Trailer Reduces Emissions

    A new tractor trailer designed to carry 50% more DITRA membrane is improving shipping productivity for Schluter-Systems and dramatically reducing CO2 emissions. The new trailer is being used to deliver Schluter’s DITRA uncoupling membrane from the factory to the Schluter warehouse, taking only two trips to deliver as much material as used to be delivered in three.

  • Faster, Thinner Floor Warming Installation

    DITRA-HEAT Provides Floor Warming and Uncoupling in Single Layer. Ceramic and stone tiles are ideal surface coverings because they are durable, easy to maintain, and hygienic.

  • Werner Schlüter Awarded the Joe A. Tarver Award

    The National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) awarded Schluter®-Systems founder, Werner Schlüter with the Joe A. Tarver award for Lifetime Service to the Tile Industry.

  • Tileable covering support for KERDI-DRAIN

    In response to the growing design preference for sleek, discreet drainage lines, Schluter-Systems has introduced a new tileable covering support to its Schluter-KERDI-DRAIN product line.

  • Prefabricated Shower Niche Improves Tile Installation

    A shower niche is an ideal spot to keep shampoos and soaps in a tiled shower. But building a fully waterproof, properly sealed tiled shower niche can be a detailed and time consuming task. Schluter-Systems has developed four prefabricated and completely waterproof shower niches that are ready to tile.

  • Next Generation Bathroom

    Schluter-Systems is changing the way tiled bathrooms are built. In attendance at various conferences, Schluter-Systems will be presenting the Next Generation Bathroom, focusing on new materials and construction methods that combine moisture management, accessibility, and design.

  • KERDI-LINE Drain

    The new KERDI-LINE drain is an elegant low-profile alternative to traditional shower drains. This sleek and versatile linear drain is easy to install and offers an interesting array of design opportunities, including wheelchair-accessible showers.