Faster, Thinner Floor Warming Installation

DITRA-HEAT Provides Floor Warming and Uncoupling in Single Layer

Ceramic and stone tiles are ideal surface coverings because they are durable, easy to maintain, and hygienic. Floor warming systems have recently become very popular as a way to make tiled floors even more desirable, but none of the existing floor warming systems directly addresses concerns about potential cracks in tiles and grout. DITRA-HEAT is the first electric floor warming system that directly incorporates essential uncoupling technology into a floor warming system to provide heated floors that are not susceptible to cracking.

With DITRA-HEAT, floors can now combine the beauty of a tile covering that won’t crack with the comfort of an electric floor warming system to bring a touch of luxury to any room in the home.

The frequent fluctuations in temperature caused by a floor warming system lead to more expansion and contraction of materials in the floor assembly. These frequent changes create greater movement stresses in the tile covering and increase the need for uncoupling. Existing installation methods require the installation of two separate systems – a floor warming system and an uncoupling system. DITRA-HEAT is the only system that provides floor warming and uncoupling in a single layer. The heating cables are easily snapped into place on top of the uncoupling mat with no clips or fasteners. The installer has complete flexibility on where the cables are placed so every installation is customized to suit the exact requirements of the owner.

Because they are held securely within the DITRA-HEAT mat, there is no need to use self-leveling compounds to encapsulate the heating cables. Instead of waiting for a leveling compound to set, tile installation can begin immediately, resulting in a much faster installation.

The matting is available in rolls and sheets, and heating cables are available for 120V and 240V circuits. A digital thermostat controls the floor temperature and is offered in programmable and non-programmable formats. Both thermostats feature a built-in Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) and digital display with backlit screen. The programmable thermostat includes 250 preset programs.

DITRA-HEAT performs the same four essential functions as the original DITRA uncoupling membrane for a lasting tile floor installation: uncoupling to prevent cracks in tiles and grout, waterproofing to protect areas beneath the tile from moisture, vapor management to provide a route for excess moisture to escape the substrate without damaging the tile, and support/load distribution to keep the tile covering intact with traffic.

DITRA-HEAT has been awarded the Best of 2014 Technology award at the 2014 Surfaces show for the flooring covering, stone and tile industry.

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