Continuing Education for Architects and Interior Designers

We offer a wide range of continuing education opportunities with both AIA and IDCEC seminars presented by qualified technical experts. These accredited sessions address the challenges and solutions of today's ceramic and natural stone tile installations. Various modules are available. Learn how the uncoupling principle prevents tiled surfaces from cracking, how to achieve effective moisture management in wet areas, where and when movement accommodation is necessary, how to heat tiled floors, and more.

Building Barrier Free Showers

The Cold Hard Truth About What You Are Not Hearing

The Next Generation Bathroom

Moisture Management in Tiled Showers

Maximizing Tile Installation with Trim Profiles

Challenges & Solutions for Today's Ceramic Tile and Stone Installations

A Systems Approach to Tile and Stone

The Uncoupling Principle

Radiant Heated Floors: A New Perspective for Tile and Stone

Barrier-Free Bathrooms - Accessible Design for the Built Environment (Canada)

Combining Design and Function in Today's ADA Compliant Bathroom

Sound Control For Ceramic And Stone Tiled Floors - What You're Not Hearing

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