Custom Elements

Dream it. Build it. Tile it. Love it.

There is so much you can do with KERDI-BOARD.

KERDI-BOARD brings great versatility to tile, allowing you to build custom elements that would be next-to-impossible to create using tile backer board or other conventional building panels. Save time and waste less by creating your tile-ready element with KERDI-BOARD. Available in eight thicknesses, KERDI-BOARD building panels allow you to cut and size your creation according to the size of the tile—allowing for less cuts and less waste. What’s more? KERDI-BOARD is completely waterproof and temperature resistant.

Build a bench

Build beautiful benches. Use large-format tiles that cover the desired width. Or use tiny mosaics and add a curve to the bench using KERDI-BOARD-V.

Learn more about KERDI-BOARD benches

Customize a vanity

Tailor a tiled vanity to your specifications. Prefabricated vanities do not always fit the intended space as perfectly as we would like. With KERDI-BOARD, you can customize your vanity according to the needs of your space and the size of your tile. Add tiled shelves and nooks for further sophistication.

Build a vanity with KERDI-BOARD

Construct partition walls

The construction of partition walls using masonry blocks or stud framing with sheathing is time-consuming and often requires additional preparation before tiling can begin. KERDI-BOARD can be used to quickly and simply create stable and self-supporting partition walls for tiling.

Build partition walls with KERDI-BOARD

Create curves

Create curved elements using KERDI-BOARD-V. Great for creating stylish tub decks, custom wet bars, and even pools.

Create curved walls with KERDI-BOARD-V

Cover columns and pipes

Have an awkwardly placed pipe that you would like to cover? KERDI-BOARD-E/-U are substrates designed to conceal columns and exposed pipes. KERDI-BOARD-V allows you to create rounded elements. Like all KERDI-BOARD panels, they are waterproof and ready for tile!

Cover pipes and columns with KERDI-BOARD