Exterior Systems

Schluter®-Systems has years of experience with exterior applications. Strict adherence to Schluter’s installation requirements and industry standards are required to receive warranty coverage and to ensure the success of your exterior installation.

TROBA-LEVEL™ is a configurable, easy-to-install system for tile pavers. The system is simple: using a small number of product components,TROBA-LEVEL™ paver supports compensate for sloped substrates, level the corners of adjacent tile pavers, and allow for the flush installation of tile pavers with different thicknesses. The elevated and un-bonded assembly provides easy access to the substrate, as well as drainage and ventilation.

For other exterior applications, prior to installation, Schluter Systems requires that it completes a thorough evaluation of your exterior project to ensure that each application will meet our specified requirements (see Schluter’s Exterior Applications Checklist) and to ensure warranty coverage. Please contact Schluter Systems' customer service or your Territory Manager for more information.

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