Hometown Workshop

This is a customized training event designed to serve the needs of the local market. Your local Schluter Rep selects from an a-la-carte menu of 8 Schluter subjects, each intended to educate professionals on the most relevant topics in your market.

A la carte topics include:

  • Moisture Management and the Schluter-Shower System
  • Linear Drains
  • Going Curbless
  • Finishing Bathrooms with Design Elements
  • Custom Builds with KERDI-BOARD
  • The Uncoupling Principle and DITRA
  • Floor Warming with DITRA-HEAT
  • Finishing with Profiles

Contacts to schedule a workshop:


Tel.: 1-800-667-8746, ext. 3297
Fax: 1-514-457-9953 Fax: 1-888-667-2410
e-mail: canworkshops@schluter.com