Edge-protection profile for outside corners with a square, recessed groove

Schluter®-INDEC is an anodized aluminum profile for outside corners of tiled surfaces and tiled edges. The reveal of the profile forms a square recessed groove for modern decorative design and interesting contrasts.
  • Prevents tile edges from chipping
  • Sleek, squared, modern design
  • Corner pieces, that can also be used as end caps
  • Available in various finishes of anodized aluminum more less

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Schluter®-INDEC is an anodized aluminum finishing and edge-protection profile for outside corners of tiled surfaces. It features a trapezoid-perforated anchoring leg that is secured in the mortar bond coat beneath the tile, and the visible surface forms a recessed decorative channel. INDEC can be used as a transition or stop profile to a door or window frame. Matching outside corners are available.

The Schluter®-INDEC profile requires no special maintenance or care and is resistant to mold and fungi. Clean profiles periodically using neutral cleaning agents. In the case of anodized aluminum, do not use abrasive cleaning agents.

1. Select the profile according to tile thickness and format.

2. Using a notched trowel, apply thin-set mortar to the area where profile is to be placed.

3. Press the perforated anchoring leg of the profile into the mortar and align.

4. Trowel additional thin-set mortar over the perforated anchoring leg to ensure full coverage and support of the tile edges.

5. Solidly embed the tiles so that the tiled surface is flush with the top of the profile; the profile should not be higher than the tiled surface, but rather up to approx. 1/32" (1 mm) lower.

6. Set the tile, leaving a space for grout of approximately 1/16" – 1/8" (1.5 - 3 mm).

7. Fill the joint completely with grout or setting material.

8. Work with materials and tools that will not scratch or damage sensitive surfaces. Setting materials must be removed immediately, especially from aluminum.

Note: Matching corners are available for the INDEC. The end caps are held in place with thin-set mortar. Fill the ends of the profile with thin-set mortar prior to inserting the accessories.

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Schluter™ profiles are available in a variety of different materials , so methods for cutting vary. Below are best practices for cutting according...

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How to choose the appropriate profile size in relation to your tile


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