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Schluter Fundamentals

Complete the 4 training sessions* in this series and we’ll send you a personalized Certificate of Attendance.

Moisture Management & Schluter Shower System

Leaks and mold continue to pose serious problems for the construction industry. This live, online training will compare traditional waterproofing systems with modern waterproofing technology to show you how tiled showers have evolved. The fundamentals of both approaches, including proper design, execution, and function will be presented with close attention paid to common errors. The installation of a Schluter Shower system and its use of bonded waterproofing technology will be demonstrated.

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The Uncoupling Principle & DITRA

In this live, online training you'll learn why incorporating an uncoupling layer is essential when installing tiled floors. We'll explain how the DITRA uncoupling membrane works and show you how it's installed so your tiled floors are built to last!

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Floor Warming & DITRA-HEAT

Floor warming systems are becoming increasingly popular and they're making tiled floors even more desirable. However, frequent changes in temperature can create greater stresses in the floor assembly. In this live, online training you'll learn how the DITRA-HEAT system uses integrated uncoupling technology to ensure that your heated tiled floors are built to withstand these stresses. Installation steps of the DITRA-HEAT system will also be demonstrated.

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Tile Edge Protection & Finishing with Profiles

Schluter offers a wide range of profiles that suit virtually every design requirement. In this live, online training, you'll learn how Schluter®-Profiles improve the durability and design of a tile installation in a variety of different applications, including floors, walls, stairs, and more!

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Schluter Design I

Complete the 2 training sessions* in this series and we’ll send you a personalized Certificate of Attendance.

Going Curbless

Tap into a growing design trend and offer something that will delight your customers. This training focuses on the techniques needed to build reliable curbless showers that are in high demand. Specifically, we’ll demonstrate multiple approaches for achieving zero-entry showers using Schluter technology.

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Linear Drains

Add a touch of luxury to your shower with the Schluter®-KERDI-LINE linear drain. This training will introduce you the finer points of linear drains and demonstrate how they can be installed adjacent to walls, at intermediate locations, and even at the entrance to the shower.

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Schluter Design II

Complete the 2 training sessions* in the Design II series and we’ll send you a personalized Certificate of Attendance.

Custom Builds with KERDI-BOARD

Your customers’ needs are as unique as their tastes. Take advantage by offering them a totally customized space! This training will show you how KERDI-BOARD can be used to create the one-of-a-kind design elements that your customers will love. Think custom shower benches, niches, loungers, vanities, partition walls, and more!


Finishing Bathrooms with Design Elements

It’s the finishing touches that can take bathroom design from ordinary to unforgettable. This training will show you how to combine tile styles with different profiles, shelves, and drain grates, to truly make your design pop!


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