Schluter Profile Colours Match Today’s Tile Trends

Textured Finish Complements Natural Designs

Schluter-Systems’ new series of TRENDLINE profiles features a whole new line of colours to go with the latest trends in tile. Today’s tile plays off the look of wood and concrete and comes in a myriad of greige and metallic colours. The TRENDLINE series of profiles provides the perfect match.

The TRENDLINE series offers 7 new colours, each available in the most popular profile shapes: flat (JOLLY and SCHIENE), rounded (RONDEC), and square (QUADEC). The profiles are made of colour-coated aluminum, and feature a textured finish, achieved with Schluter’s proven powder coating procedure. These finishes have been developed to complement tiles made from natural materials, or porcelain that is finished to look natural.

Schluter®-Profiles protect tile edges from cracking and chipping, and enhance any tile design. Integrated within any field tile, Schluter®-Profiles can add bold or subtle elements of design, while ensuring the integrity of the tile installation.

About Schluter®-Systems

Schluter®-Systems products are specifically designed for the tile industry to ensure that installations maintain integrity and durability. Their product line includes over 4,000 items, including tile trims, uncoupling membranes, waterproof building panels, and shower systems. Schluter-Systems is renowned for its state-of-the-art technology with attention to detail for highly functional and visually appealing results.