Introducing: Schluter®-LIPROTEC

Warm, evenly diffused lighting for your shower niche

LIPROTEC illuminated profile technology is now available for KERDI-BOARD niches, making is easier than ever to add beautiful accent lighting to your shower.

The simple 3-step system is comprised of the KERDI-BOARD-SNLT shower niche with integrated LIPROTEC lighting technology, two power supply options, and connection cables specifically designed to ensure a watertight connection.

• Code-compliant LED system

• High quality, evenly diffused LED strip

• Quick and easy to install

See your shower in a whole new LIGHT!



Step 1:  Choose your niche


KERDI-BOARD-SNLT shower niche with LIPROTEC LED lighting

• Available in 12x12, 12x20, and 12x28

• Pre-installed waterproof connection box for a code-compliant installation

• 12” diffused LED strip with mounting profile

• 3000K warm white

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Step 2:  Choose your power supply


LIPROTEC-ECX driver and dimmer

• All-in-one LED power supply and in-wall dimmer switch

• Eliminates compatibility issues between drivers and dimmer switches

• Includes three interchangeable face plates

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LIPROTEC-ECD dimmable driver

• In-line, hard-wired dimmable driver

• Compatible with a range of popular dimmer switches, allowing you to have matching light switches throughout your bathroom

• Install in an accessible location, such as a closet or vanity

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Step 3:  Choose your cable


LIPROTEC-CW connection cable

• Designed to connect your LIPROTEC-ECX or -ECD driver to your niche

• Waterproof snap-in gland for a secure connection to the niche

• Rated for in-wall installation

• Available in 3 lengths

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Ready to get started?

Download the Planning Guide and check out the installation video!



Shower niche with LIPROTEC LED lighting



LED driver and dimmer



Dimmable LED driver



Cable for LIPROTEC White LED System