Can the corner SHELF be installed in applications where Schluter®-DILEX profiles are installed at inside wall corners as well?

In general, yes. Depending on the specific DILEX profile, some applications may require a little extra effort than others. For example, DILEX-EKE features a very slim design and may not require any modification when installing the SHELF-E. If the profile interferes with the SHELF, you can simply cut and remove a section of the DILEX-EKE with a utility knife where the shelf will be positioned. Please note we recommend filling the resulting gap in the profile with sealant during the shelf installation. DILEX profiles with a larger cove shape (e.g., DILEX-AHK) will almost certainly need to be cut around the SHELF. This may be a bit more challenging, as an oscillating tool or angle grinder will be required to cut the metal profile. Ideally, this would be done prior to the installation of the profile to reduce the risk of damage to the surrounding tile, but it can be done after profile installation too. Again, fill the gap in the profile with sealant during the SHELF installation.