Partition Walls

Bathrooms, wet rooms, and other sanitary installations frequently require partition walls to create separate shower or toilet stalls or to divide rooms. The construction of such walls using masonry blocks or stud framing with sheathing is time-consuming and often requires further preparation before tiling can begin. Also, as these materials are not waterproof, additional measures must be taken to protect wall cavities from water and vapor penetration.

Stable and self-supporting partition walls ready for tile can be built using Schluter®-KERDI-BOARD. If required, the partition walls can be further attached or stabilized with the angled and U-shaped profiles, which form part of the complete system. KERDI-BOARD is ideally suited to create anything from simple partitions to entire toilet and shower facilities.



How to build a knee wall with KERDI-BOARD


How to build a full wall with KERDI-BOARD



Also good to know...

Flat. Level. Plumb. Square.

Lightweight KERDI-BOARD panels make building tiled walls, easy.


Got Curves?

KERDI-BOARD-V features vertical grooves for creating rounded and curved elements.